Alexis dornier's prefabricated 'stilt studios' offer elevated living in indonesia

Wrote by Philip Stevens, December 2, 2019

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Bali-based architect Alexis Dornier has developed plans for a series of environmentally friendly prefabricated villas. The project, named ‘stilt studios’, seeks to create experiential spaces that can be built on awkwardly shaped sites or plots with difficult terrain. As indonesia is made up of over 17,500 islands, Dornier proposes that the units could be erected quickly and easily in remote areas — providing a much needed boost to local economies.

Variety of alterations

We are working on a variety of alterations of suspended tensile structures, with different façade expressions that are customizable in design and material,’ says Alexis Dornier, explaining the Stilt Studios project. ‘We are working on multi-level solutions and different sizes of buildings, as this concept is scalable.
 what they have in common is that they are small and compact — reduced to a minimal set of spaces that offer the off-the-ground experience.’

In addition to having a minimal physical footprint, other sustainable features include large overhangs designed to reduce solar-heat gain, rainwater harvesting, cross ventilation, and energy-generating solar panels. it is also envisaged that food could be grown underneath the structures with greenery encompassing the elevated homes.
 Dornier adds that he plans to relocate his own office to a stilt studio, which will be constructed without removing any trees from the forest.