Stilt Studios Presents: Tiny Tetra House

Stilt Studios is launching a prefabricated tiny house, making use of recycled waste materials

This project aims to create a comfortable living space with minimal footprint.

Through our latest product, we are taking sustainability a step further by incorporating recycled Tetra Pak packages to our uniquely designed building. 
We firmly believe the future of building is about community involvement and sustainability.
We are asking for you as much feedback as possible to incorporate in our design improvements. The earlier, the better. Thus, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign as a bridge to connect our ideas with yours. 
While doing so, you can secure a stay with us and thus support the project financially. And for all of you that can’t make it to Bali in the upcoming months, don’t worry – our vouchers won’t expire. 
P.S:  Make somebody else happy as our vouchers are transferrable and the ideal gift.
In this project, Stilt Studios uses flat and corrugated sheets made of recycled Tetra Pak packages by @ecobalirecycle to establish the roof and walls. 
Through openings that are closely put under the canopy, the building seeks to empower passive cooling. The large facade panels can be opened to provide a cross-ventilation, opening up the entire space. It also introduces a customized furniture system for a lively dining and living space.

The first Tiny Tetra House is planned to be constructed starting August on The Sunset Farm by Stilt Studios in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia.

For more details and information about this project, please visit our Kickstarter page. We would love to get your support and feedback on our Tiny Tetra House project!