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Our Product Lineup

Get to know our available Stilt Studios designs.

Treehouse A
A compact, one-of-a-kind studio. If you’re looking for something where you can fully immerse in an authentic treehouse experience, look no further.
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Treehouse B
A studio designed to maximize openness for you to be even closer with nature. The semi-open facade will bring the best out of your surroundings.
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Treehouse C
A spacious studio that provides all-in-one comfort. You should never worry about leaving; just focus on living.
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Treehouse D
With its small footprint, it's optimally configured to preserve space. Enough for you to get cozy and unwind at all times.
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Treehouse E
A spacious studio, times two. The interior and outside roof terrace present the same area which can accommodate you in ways you never imagine.
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Tetra Pod
A 40cm-high stilted cabin. We don’t intend to take away the elevated experience while still letting you be close to the ground.
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The Stilt Studios' giant. It's a multi-purpose space that is suitable for endless functions. Let your imagination run wild.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the drawings be adjusted or customized?

Not without the approval by stilt studios, for adjustments/changes. Please get in touch and we can review against an additional fee to update the drawings

  • Are material and labor provided?

No, but for projects in Indonesia, we are happy to help with the tender process. Also, depending on various location alongside the construction, each will be charged additionally

  • How much is the shipping cost for one unit?

Currently, we are not able to ship the materials for a complete unit to your designated location. We hope to be able to soon

  • Worldwide building codes – will the unit conform with them?

As all of our designs can be declared as non-permanent structures, in most cases, no building license will be required. Regardless, before purchasing please check the rules in your country

  • Legal and ownership

The design belongs to PT Stilt Studios Design, with purchasing the license you have the right to build the unit ONCE

PT Stilt Studios Design will give you a certificate and register you officially in our data bank. If you wish to build the unit more than once, please reach out to us and we can negotiate a price for further units

PT Stilt Studios Design has no responsibility for the construction realization, changes in structure and design, and climatic influences

  • What commission are you able to offer for selling the developments?

For now we don’t offer any commissions, direct purchase only

  • How long is the early bird period for drawing set purchase?

No time limit, once the first 5 drawing sets are reserved, the early bird period is over. Save your spot!

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