Stilt Studios Development

10 January 2023


Tourism in Bali has for sure been exploding over the past few years. When you look at …

10 January 2023

Sheets from recycled Tetra Pak beverage cartons are utilized for the walls of this prefabricated module…

10 January 2023

 you can easily add and subtract modules and create unique designs.


A Retreat Village located in Grun Resort Uluwatu, nestled in the nature of uluwatu with foresty setting for your sophisticated tranquil retreat.

Retreat Village by Stilt Studios

Nestled within the verdant expanse of Grun Resorts Uluwatu, Retreat Village by Stilt Studios represents a sanctuary dedicated to wellness and serenity. Designed to offer

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Villa Sawah by Stilt Studios with sustainability material building and rice field view

Villa Sawah by Stilt Studios

Amidst the lush landscapes of Canggu, Villa Sawah emerges as the first villa of Stilt Studios’ Family Village project. The Family Village itself redefines family

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Bawa House by Stilt Studios

Nestled in the Balinese village of Pererenan lies Bawa House, a sustainable, low impact take on modern tropical living. Once a barren piece of land,

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tiny homes for sale

Tiny House Kaufen

Blog Treehouse in Bali Was ist beim Kauf eines Tiny House zu beachten? Transportmöglichkeiten Ansiedlung und Standort Off-Grid Optionen Größe und Grundriss Modulares Fertighaussystem Heizung

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stylish tiny living for your dreams - perfect spot to connect with family and the outdoors nature

Tiny House Innen

Blog Treehouse in Bali Vollständig Konfigurierbares Tiny House-Interior Unser modernes Tiny House wurde im Hinblick auf Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltbewusstsein entwickelt. Das Tiny House ist auf

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tiny homes

Tiny Homes

Was bildet die Grundlage für Tiny Homes und was macht sie so zunehmend beliebt? Wir möchten Sie durch den Prozess führen, wie ein Tiny Homes

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