Stilt Studios Development

Tiny House

Our tiny houses are build in modules in our manufacturing facility in Indonesia and can be container shipped and installed world wide

Tiny house tower

The first in our line of tiny house Towers, the 6 x 6 tower model allows you to create the spaces to accommodate everything for your private or commercial needs. It has 2 storeys or a total of 110 sqm building size. Inquire now.

Tiny house cabin

The Tiny House Cabin incorporates one to three modules, sized at 3 meters by 3 meters, and are fully optimized in every aspect to deliver the best living experience in the tiny home genre.

The models that we offer are the 3 by 3, the 3 by 6, 6 by 6 L, and the 3 by 9-meter tiny homes.

Tiny house Studio

With its more spacious design, the Tiny House Studio is an upgrade from our line of smaller tiny houses. By increasing the minimum width of the tiny house, we are able to add different programs and create larger, more comfortable spaces.

Tiny house Family

Optimized for small families, the Family Tiny House line starts at the dimensions of 6 x 9 meters. Perfectly-designed to house the basic programs needed for a minimalistic family life, this model is available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a different module, please get in contact with us for your custom modular house.


The Stilt Studios showcases minimalist, high end design that treads lightly on Earth.



Wooden Facade

Using certified or recycled hardwood as facade not only provides excellent carbon storage, but also boasts an attractive appearance and durability, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Recycled Plastic Facade

Upcycled plastic heat pressed into durable sheets provides excellent cover from the elements and durability, while playing a vital role in the local circular economy.

A sophisticated, yet compact living experience for the modern and minimalist, using high quality wooden materials

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