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Starting a minimalistic way of living is something that is happening more frequently and what goes hand in hand with this lifestyle is a tiny house. People are increasingly thinking about the thought of downsizing to a tiny house, while there is also a lot of doubt surrounding the overwhelming feeling of being cramped in your own home. Compared to a traditional travel trailer the tiny house is wider and is designed for living year around.

Planning to buy a tiny house is not without any worries, therefore we want to help you get informed and show you what we, Stilt Studios, as a company can offer you in regard to tiny houses.

How can you buy a tiny house?

If you want to buy a tiny house we advise the following steps to help you better understand the process and be well-prepared for when your tiny house arrives!

  1. Rules and laws

It is important to be well prepared before planning to buy a tiny house, therefore being informed about the laws and regulations surrounding living in a tiny house is something we strongly advise you to do. There are a lot of different factors that influence what you are able to do from out the governmental laws, for example, the difference in what kind of land it is going to stand (and whose property it is) is something that implements a lot of variables.

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As we operate in multiple different countries, we do not have complete knowledge about what rules apply to you or which certified license to get for your tiny house purchase.

  1. On-site preparations before construction

Our tiny houses are prefabricated, which we would like to explain later on in detail. What is important to know is that the tiny house will stand on stilts, and there will be the need to prepare for the foundations of the stilts. We want to ask you to make the stamps, where the stilts are going to have to stand on, ready.

This way the tiny house can be immediately put together after arrival. To make this as easy as possible for you we will provide you with complete instructions on how to do these preparations and if there are some things that need more clarifications or help, then we will be glad to assist you on this matter.

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What to look for

what to look when you buy a tiny house

There are a few things to just keep in mind when searching for the right home, especially the tiny houses. To help you first understand how tiny houses work and what is important when looking into them, we made a short list to help you get up to date.

  1. Building materials

    Whether you want to build or buy a tiny house, materials are the primary concern. We are using high-quality materials such as bengkirai wood. Using certified or recycled hardwood not only provides excellent carbon storage but also boasts an attractive appearance and durability while requiring minimal maintenance.

    Another interesting material that we offer is upcycled plastic. Using this material for bathroom walls provides excellent cover from the elements and durability while playing a vital role in the local circular economy. Nevertheless, our selection of materials brings added value to sustainability.

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  2. Shipping and installation

    Our design allows us to create tiny houses with any configuration that you wish. These tiny houses are constructed in Indonesia, then shipped and able to be set up anywhere in the world. Since our product is prefabricated, you only need a short amount of time to buy a tiny house.

    Depends on which unit, but the smallest model requires around 4 weeks to set up. Meanwhile, the largest one only requires 12 weeks to build.

  3. Size

    Do you have a general idea about the estimated square feet/meters you are interested in? We are flexible depending on your needs – whether you need a small or larger space. Here are the models that we offer:

    a. Tiny house cabin

    The Tiny House Cabin consists of compact modules, ranging from one to three units, measuring 3 meters by 3 meters in size. These modules have been meticulously designed and optimized to provide the ultimate living experience within the realm of tiny homes.

    Our available models include the 3×3, 3×6, 6x6L, and 3×9 meter tiny homes. Each of these models offers unique features and layouts to cater to different preferences and requirements.

    B. Tiny House Studios

    With its more spacious design, the tiny house studio is an upgrade from our line of smaller tiny houses. By increasing the minimum width of the tiny house, we are able to add different programs and create larger, more comfortable spaces. Available in 6×6 and 6×9 sizes.

    C. Tiny House Family

    Optimized for small families, the family tiny house line starts at the dimensions of 6 x 9 meters. Perfectly designed to house the basic programs needed for a minimalistic family life, this model is available for purchase.

    family tiny house 6x9

  4. Cost range

    These are one of the most important ones to keep in mind when looking for tiny homes for sale. Let us explain further everything you need to know and what we can do for you! Each of unit has its estimated price range, which you can check on our catalog. With our flexible modular plan, our team will assist you in finding the best property based on your budget and needs.

You create your own experience

tiny house interior

The choice is coming closer, are you going to downsize yes or no? How is the experience going to be? Will I be able to feel at home or is this even something that I want?

These are all questions or doubts that you might have, therefore it is good to know that you can determine most of this. We will explain further what possibilities there are in customizations before purchase, how locations are important to implement in your choices, and so on. We hope to have informed you properly.

What you can contribute to the tiny house

Planning to buy a tiny house is not the easiest of tasks, therefore we would like to inform you about the possibilities that you have in shaping your own tiny house.

The size of the home

The prefabricated tiny houses are designed to have a standard room size of 3 by 3 meters. This gives us the possibility to present you with a chance to add rooms or change the shape while it is designed as such.

Windows, doors, and facades

The location and sizes of the windows, the doors, and the facades are also a factor that can be changed to fit the style you prefer for your tiny house.

sustainable facade


What you can also change is how the tiny house is used. It can, for example, be used as a house, or more as a cabin/cottage but it can also be changed to fill the requirements of an office.

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What you can contribute to the experience

We also have noted down a few points that not just change the home but also the way you live in/with it.

The location

What could be more important than the actual location of the tiny home? Therefore we strongly advise you to really look into the location of where you want to live. Do you want a very small local area or is a place of freedom most important? Besides laws and regulations, the thought of how you want to live is also paired with the place where you park your permanent tiny home.

Prepare for minimalistic living

It also helps to read into the thought and feelings surrounding downsizing and minimalistic living. This will help to prevent any shock from happening in the beginning and making sure that the chance of living such a beautiful lifestyle is not wasted due to not being ready to get accustomed

Financing adjacent to buy a tiny houses

Purchasing a home on your own has become a task unimaginable. During the past 2 years, there has been a steady increase in the prices of homes, not just limited to the US but all over the world as housing prices have been increasing rapidly. As we have more information about tiny homes, we have stated some findings that may be of help if you are trying to minimize costs or if you are looking for a home.

Purchase ability

To be able to purchase a home has become a problem where there is only the option of relying heavily on the support of a 3rd party. One of the problems that are included with this is a highly personal loan with a mortgage that includes half of your monthly salary.

A tiny house will not come cheap as it is a complete home with only a more compact design. It has still a reasonable price than most “quality” apartments.

So compare the price of a tiny house to the price of an apartment and then it will not be as crazy of an idea as it may seem. It doesn’t require you to lend the maximum amount that you are able to do just to have the opportunity to buy a home. With all these personal loans come also monthly mortgages that are very high and will take up a lot of salary at the end of the month. In this regard, a tiny house can be considered a great option as they provide to opportunity to actually buy a home.

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Houses sold via agencies and on the open markets will often become overpriced as people bid more and more money on them and that causes higher commissions. What is important is that you pay for what you are going to get, not that you pay 10% to 25% more just to get it. This is sadly become a very normal thing and it is not financially kind for people who do not have huge reserves just available to grasp.

By planning to buy a tiny house directly there will be no overbidding or paying an amount that is not actually worth what you get in return. What you pay is exactly what you are going to get, and that is high quality, comfort, and luxury.

Cost friendly living

One of the advantages of living minimalistic is the monthly costs. To begin, the space is generally smaller in comparison to average houses. This results in lower costs to heat the place up during winter, as it becomes considerably faster and warm due to the smaller measurements. The same goes for cooling down tiny homes, this also becomes less energy-intensive.

Price-value relation

The quality of the more low-priced homes is sadly not that good, therefore the costs down the road are, sadly, a never-ending story. With a more price-friendly home comes a lot of work paired. The benefit of buying something new is that there will be no huge amounts of maintenance. When you buy a tiny house this will also be the case as it is custom-made for you where the quality of your home is guaranteed.


If you have to travel a lot and do not fit into the traditional way of living at a single location for a long period of time, then renting something is a better option. Also, it can be n opportunity for those who are interested to invest in property, you can rent your tiny homes for sale to the public.


If you are interested in one, please fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as we have an update on our capacity planning. Due to a lot of different variables, we can give you an estimated range of how much it probably will cost. You can check our catalog below:

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