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Modular prefab houses offer a unique and customizable solution for those seeking a high-quality, sustainable, and vary widely housing option.

Our prefabricated modular techniques allow for efficient construction and transportation to any site built location, making it possible to create your dream home. With careful planning and design, our modular homes optimize material usage and offer cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods.

For the buildings we use very well processed steel and natural materials, specially wood, to create a warm and inviting living experience. Only certified Teak and Bengkirai wood grace our construction due to their remarkable resistance, water-proof properties, aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability. Notably, wood stands out as an excellent carbon storage solution, underscoring its significance in our sustainable approach.

At Stilt Studios, one of balis most famous modular construction companies and home builders, we are building prefab homes with customization options.

Modern Prefab Homes

Modular Home

Residential 2-storey building is the latest product built on our modular prefabricated system technology to bring an extraordinary, sustainable living experience to our customers.

The prefab modular homes are designed with space efficiency in mind – enhancing views on the overall living experience of its residents.

At the moment we offer five different 2-storey modular houses. All of them offer 2 ensuite bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, balcony, and infinity-edge pool.

Residential 2-Storey 6x9 Modular Homes

This 2-Storey 6×9 Modular Home has a ground space of 6×9, yet has including the second floor over 100sqm in living space.

This building is best suited for a lot with limited space, but views from the second floor.

For the layout a 2 bedrooms and working space fits very well, with a spacious open living area downstairs, connected to the outdoor decking, pool and BBQ.

modular home, 2 storey prefabricated method homes

Residential 2-Storey 6x12 Modular Homes

The 2-Storey 6×12 Modular Home by Stilt Studios offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. This model is ideal for individuals or small families looking for a living solution.

The lower floor features 72 square meters of indoor living space, connected to a 48 meter decking for a spacious living and kitchen area, which can also accommodate a lower bedroom. The outdoor space is complemented with a pool and BBQ area.

front view 2 story prefab homes

The upper floor features a 48 square meter bedroom area best suited for a 2-bedrooms, 2-bathroom configuration with additional working space. A 24 square meter balcony complements the space from which its residents can enjoy the surrounding views and the feel of a floating building.

The building is suited both for families as well as single households that are looking for a spacious house with a lot of outdoor spaces.

side view of prefab home 2 story modular homes

Residential 2-Storey 6x12 (+6x9) Modular Homes

The 2-Storey 6×12 (+6×9) prefabricated house with a balcony and second floor oriented towards the shorter side of the rectangle is ideal for plots that have the best views out.

home site of 2-Storey 6x12 Modular prefab Homes

This variant houses 3-4 bedrooms comfortably, depending on the floor plan layout. It is an ideal home for families and can be combined with smaller variants.

interior of prefab homes

Residential 2 Storey 9x9 L Modular Homes

The 2-Storey 9x9L Modular Home showcases a thoughtfully crafted living space that maximizes comfort and versatility. An excellent choice for families seeking a comfortable home with three bedrooms.

front view 9x9l modular prefab homes

The first floor dimensions with its 81 meters is is ideal for smaller, square shaped plots of land. The second floor consitsts of 6×6 m indoor space and two 3×6 balconies – ideal to catch some views from the elevated positions.

The 3×3 corner cut in on the ground floor enables an seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

interior 9x9l modular prefab home

Residential 2-Storey 15x9 L (+6x6L) Modular Homes

The 2-Storey 15x9L (+6x6L) prefab home is perfect choice for larger family looking for enough living space.

larger modular 15x9 L prefab home

This combination houses up to 6 bedrooms, which can also be used as office space, or anything else. The main building is a rectangular 15×9 sqm building with a 12×6 sqm upper floor, that features ample of terrace space.

The second building is a 6x6L shaped single storey buiilding that complements the shape and form of the larger main building, being connected to it, yet still separated to create some private space for example an office or guest bedrooms – or both.

modular 15x9 L prefab home

Designed with Sustainability in Mind

At Stilt Studios we put a large emphasis on innovative solutions and sustainability. Our prefab homes offered with negative CO2 balance for the materials used and are rigorously energy efficient, while at the same time ground closure is minimised. One of our main materials used is high quality, certified wood, acting as carbon storage, as well as upcycled plastic in the bathrooms, while the use of steel is limited as much as possible. All the prefab houses are floating ~50cm off the ground, ensuring there is no ground closure and the use of concrete is minimized. Moreover walls, roof, and floor are insulated to ensure the highest energy efficiency possible and a low cooling effort required.
prefabricated homes for site built construction

A modern living experience

modular 15x9 L (+6x6L) prefab home

The prefabricated homes ensure a superb living experience for the residents with an indoor, outdoor fitting to the tropical environment, optimizing for a homey feel in nature. The modern, minimalist design of the manufactured homes is timeless and functionality oriented, while creating a real home for its residents, with two stories unique spaces and excellent views on the upper one.

A community of several buildings and owners combined with a well-thought-out master plan to connect and build a living experience with nature in mind together.

interior of prefab site built home

Intelligent design and prefab houses

At Stilt Studios we are building manufactured homes which are beautifully designed. Using Stilt Studios modular housing techniques to create flexible structures optimized for the land and environment they are built on.

The off site factory based manufacturing ensures the highest processing quality, precision, and durability and paired with high quality wood a superb living environment.

The materials are flat-packed and can be easily transported to the home site. We provide extremely fast setup times with a couple of months starting from foundation to turn-key finishing.

2 story prefabricated homes

Our Residential Projects

First Client´s Project

Our first client’s residential project, Haus Emelyne, has been finished 2023 in Canggu, Bali.

Haus Emelyne comprises two separate structures: a main house and one guest house with additional rooms. It boasts nearly 200 sqm of indoor-outdoor living space, featuring two bedrooms, each with its private bathroom, a lovely kitchen, a spacious living area, and 63 sqm of outdoor areas that open up to the pool.

Interior of new home from prefab homes with more natural light

The wooden main house is floating 50 cm above the ground, fitting in nicely into a lush garden for a truly tropical family living experience, complemented with a nice pool. To offer an extraordinary living experience, we have used high-quality materials such as wood and sandwich panels for excellent thermal insulation, ease of installation, and durability. The warm, natural wooden materials infuse the residence with a cozy ambiance, seamlessly blending with the lush tropical surroundings, enhancing the overall comfort of the house.

Modular prefab homes, a typical home with natural light

Using the tiny house modular prefab system we developed last year, we can combine modules to create site built homes that meets your specific needs. Our prefab system allows for flexible customization, resulting in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our prefab system also enables us to create sophisticated, high-quality buildings that can be easily assembled within weeks, all while staying true to creating energy-efficient and low-carbon buildings with a minimal environmental footprint.

Learn About Tiny House

Family Village Canggu

We are building a community fully dedicated to families, optimizing all aspects of it for their well-being. The car-free village is evolving around a central community space while each villa is purposefully designed for family needs with plenty of garden space for a truly outstanding tropical living experience. All built sustainably!

Learn About Family Village Canggu

family village canggu for familiy houses where people live harmoniously family

A Village Community for an Extraordinary Living Experience

Drawing inspiration from the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” we strongly believe in the positive influence of supporting communities on our well-being. Our villas are built mainly in wood, believing in high quality, natural materials and creating villas that are designed for family needs. 

building for family houses in canggu


The village evolves around a central community space with playground, pool, garden, pet zoo, barbecue area, and event space. The entire community area will be a car-free zone with central parking at the entrance, providing a safe space for our kids. You can just let them out of the house and you know they’re safe.

sketch of family village canggu
masterplan of common area

Overview of the Concept

The total size of the Family Village is 1.5 hectares, and we plan to build 25 villas. Family Village Canggu is located in the Northern of Canggu, only 10 mins away from central Canggu and the beach. Surrounded by green spaces while still providing easy access to healthcare facilities, schools, sports centers, and numerous restaurants.

family village canggu concept

Our Values and Believes: Sustainability

We want to enhance nature more than impact it and believe there are always innovative ways to find less impacting solutions that further enhance the living experience. This is why our choice of material is mainly high-quality certified wood and carbon binding material. We love that material because it provides a warm living experience and it is easy to maintain yet is also a durable material. Our Family Village Canggu is also powered by solar panels to make sure we reduce our carbon footprint.

perfect example for family village canggu villa

Each villa has 175-250 sqm of living spaces and 300-700 sqm of space, which has been thoughtfully designed with optimal layouts, allowing different living areas to seamlessly interact and create an extraordinary living experience. It provides:

  • Spacious private space
  • 4-6 bedrooms
  • Tropical Garden
  • Private outdoor pool
  • Office space
  • Kid’s playroom
  • Leisure space
  • Terraces with view of the surrounding rice fields
floor plan of a villa in family village canggu

How to be a Part of it?

  • Buy a villa to live or as managed investment

    Become a part of the Family Village Canggu community through a streamlined process. We are commencing construction on the first two villas in the next weeks, and they will be ready for reservations next month – please reach out if you are interested

  • Rent a villa
    The first villas will be ready for rent starting Jan 2024
  • Invest into Villa ownership company – Fractional Ownership
    For those interested to invest a smaller amount they can buy shares in a company pooling several investors to buy villas in Family Village Canggu

How to Buy ?

We are currently in the process of constructing our prototype project located in Buduk, Canggu and there will be 7 units available for pre-sale. If you want to learn more about the project, please contact us!