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Luxury Tiny House

Why does a tiny house need to be less comfortable or without elegance and class?

To start a way of minimalistic living is not the easiest of tasks especially if it involves your home. Through innovation and building upon the past knowledge the tiny houses are designed for a luxurious way of minimalistic living. How they become a tiny “home” is through the carefully picked materials and skilled craftsmanship, that birth a room full of warmth and class into existence. The details created with the teak wood finishes on the inside is what create this calm but stylish design that speaks of comfort and rest. Through the architecture of the house it takes on a design of sophistication and luxury.

The Tiny House is made in ways that it is not just a small pen on wheels but a bringer of quality, style and comfort. Through the use of specific materials and a partnership with the NGO SungaiWatch the Tiny Houses bring class, elegance and  together with a healthy way of production with an actual sustainable way of production.


One of the qualities of a tiny house is the option of reducing waste, energy and all kinds of hurtful factors to the environment. To support this way of living, we make use of the right materials for the environment as well as for the customer. Singaiwatch provides us with plastic waste that they get from cleaning out polluted rivers in Indonesia. With these we designed and made a high quality plastic with a unique design. This way our tiny homes do not add to the problem but become part of the solution. The tone of the tiny home can be set by the customer as the colour of the plastic can be changed to something that aligns with the clients view and wishes. This material will be mostly used for the bathroom as it is a great waterproof material while it brings a certain level of sophistication with a lot of detail.

luxery tiny house

For the structural strength, durability and the capabilities of weather resistance the hardwood bengkirai with all the right certificates. This material is used for the outside as it’s features flourish in a nature environment. The quality of the home is ensured through this choice of material, used as a wall the bengkirai will develop beautifully through out all the hardships the weather brings with it.

Teakwood is used for most of the interior of the tiny house. It is a material that brings a sophisticated feeling to the tiny home due to the natural aesthetic look with beautiful long grains and a texture that speaks luxury when touched. It is grown in a plantation park in Indonesia that brings a unique form of graining. The uniqueness of the teakwood is due to the fact that it has a short growth time in comparison to other teakwood while it still contains a lot of natural teak oils which makes it strong and resistant while being easy to grow.

These materials combined bring simplicity and luxury hand to hand, as the tiny house is understated but sophisticated.


tiny house model

Due to a well design the houses can be custom built to the customers wishes/needs. The base model is designed with a measurement of 3 by 3 metre, through this standard set up the ability to add rooms is made very easy. If, for example, there is not enough room for all the residents, a room can easily be added that can serve as a bedroom or as a storage space. Therefore a customer choice in model is not limited in availability. The choice of how custom built a customer wants it is up to them. The tiny house can easily be adapted to the wishes of the customer. Maybe there is a need for more bedrooms, a full bathroom or more place as storage, this all can be discussed and brought to reality. A tiny house can also be change so that it has the functionality of a office space.

tiny house model

The standard 3 by 3 metre setup creates a spacious room, in comparison to the more frequently used measures of 2 by 6 metre. Due to these measurements being used as the basis of all the models, it will feel like the tiny homes are, in comparison to others, not as shallow and therefore more kindly towards a family to start living in it. These measurements also cause the fitting of a normal or even king size bed.

As it is prefab, it is designed to be manufactured beforehand, this ensures that massive construction will be prevented at the preferred location site of where the tiny home needs to come. There will be some preparation on the site where the tiny house needs to be placed, but the tiny home can be easily shipped and put together at the necessary location. The ground floor of the house will be 20 to 40 cm up from ground level as it will be standing on stilts. 


What factors are most important to make an upscale tiny home while at the same time it still conveys a feeling of a home filled with warmth and comfort? 

We at Stilt Studios have found, through our materials and eye for detail due to skilled craftsmanship, ways to make a tiny house a tiny home. The recycled plastic that carries unique patterns that exudes luxury, authenticity and sophistication. As mentioned before the colour of these recycled plastic walls can be custom made, this can bring a hole other aesthetic.

Luxery tiny house 2

The use of this material as a wall is what makes our clean and understated bathroom on its own sophisticated. 

echo friendly tiny house

The seating area is able to become a place of comfort, a place where a family can sit and find peace and quiet together.

luxery tiny house 3

The windows, doors and facades can also be custom made to the wishes of the customer. Maybe there is more need for natural lighting, that can easily be changed by the position or the size of the windows. These different features are not limited to one room as they can also be made in the bedroom. It will be made to fit the custom way of living the customer requires.

The interior finishes lies with the craftsmen’s finishing touch, the last work on the teakwood furniture and kitchen. With their skill they ensure a home, high in quality as in luxury, for you.

luxery tiny house

The architecture of the luxury tiny homes is designed in a way that even though you will downsize to the idea of a loft, living in it will be an experience beyond expectations.

As sustainability is important to us the customer is also able to choose for more eco friendly options. They can choose to have a custom composting toilet and different energy options to stay off grid and be self sufficient.

When Tiny Houses Become Luxury Tiny Homes

All of these factors combined and intertwined create a tiny house that is more than just that, it is a home where a family can live in all the style and comfort everyone deserves. The reasons can be different, one might want to follow a minimalist living, another wants to pursue their beliefs of sustainable living, but whatever the reason might be, the tiny home is a great option. The ability to change people’s lives is one of the beautiful features the luxury tiny home brings into society.

Questions frequently asked

Aren’t their any downsides of having a home on stilts?

People suspect that some underfloor heating is required to keep warmth in the tine home, but due to a well isolated floor this is unnecessary. Because the floor is made out of hardwood underfloor heating is first and foremost unnecessary, but secondly damaging to the floor.

What are the prices of a tiny home?

There is no standard price for a tiny home as it has a lot of variables as some customers might want a breakfast bar while another might want a bigger kitchen. Due to these variables not one model is the same, the same goes for the price. Before purchase everything will be made more clearly and a price will be put together for what kind of quality tiny home suits you.

tiny eco house

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