Our Studio Lineup

Tiny House

Tiny House is Stilt Studios’ solution for a unique, on-the-go living experience.

treehouse studio

Treehouse studio

Treehouse Studio is optimally configured to preserve space with its small footprint.

Treehouse D 01

Treehouse E

Treehouse E is a spacious studio that can accommodate every need.

treehouse building

Treehouse C

Treehouse C provides all-in-one comfort inside an open floor plan.

Studio N

Studio N is an unconventional living space that utilizes recycled components.

Stilt Studios Treehouse A

Treehouse A

Treehouse A is a compact studio with mezzanine, amplifying an authentic treehouse feel.

Stilt Studios Treehouse B

Treehouse B

Treehouse B is a semi-open studio, designed to maximize openness.


Octagon is a multi-purpose structure that is suitable for endless functions.

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