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The Octagon by Stilt Studios

Grun The Octagon by Stilt Studios

Photo: Willem Keuppens

The Development of The Octagon

Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Grün Resort Uluwatu – a family-run nature focussed luxury boutique resort in Uluwatu, Bali, The Octagon is Stilt Studios’ most extensive product. Departing from conventional architectural norms, this extraordinary structure embraces a distinctive octagonal shape, celebrating the intrinsic harmony found in nature. By doing so, it maximizes spatial efficiency while minimizing its ecological footprint.

“The development of Grün Resort Uluwatu exhibited a profound commitment to harmoniously coexist with nature rather than impose on it. We enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to demonstrate this in the construction of a substantial restaurant and common space with The Octagon. Our primary objective was to establish an exceptional space that fosters a connection with the natural forestry environment.” says Prayoga Arya, Lead Architectural Designer at Stilt Studios.

Lower Floor of The Octagon
Photo: Willem Keuppens

Designed with flexibility in mind, The Octagon caters to diverse functions and adapts to evolving needs. The 140 sqm lower floor serves as a restaurant for the resort, as well as a bar, kitchen, and toilet for guests. While the open plan 200 sqm upper floor allows for seamless transitions between spaces, accommodating a variety of activities and interactions. Whether utilized as an office, a yoga class, or an event space, The Octagon effortlessly morphs to meet the demands of its occupants. This adaptability ensures its long-term relevance and fosters a sustainable and vibrant living environment. 

With a pilotis concept lower floor, the upper floor appears to dance lightly above the ground, in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Large glass sliding doors, a circular skylight at the center, and carefully positioned apertures invite a breathtaking view of the forest inside, infusing the interiors with an abundance of natural light and establishing a seamless connection with the environment. Moreover, the open plan concept, combined with low, laid-back furniture, creates a more airy and spacious feel and allows circulation to flow naturally. These create a sense of tranquility and oneness with nature.

The Octagon’s upper floor also features an expansive decking system that encircles the structure. As users step onto the 70 sqm decking, they are transported into a realm where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living blur, providing an unrivaled 360-degree panorama of mesmerizing vistas. This can also be experienced as guests of Grün Resorts Uluwatu, or as walk-in guests. 

The Octagon showcases an exquisite fusion of glass, steel, and reclaimed wood, imparting a distinctive character to its façade – a tropical and industrial look. The incorporation of steel not only imparts contemporary elegance but also ensures durability and recyclability. Complementing this, the use of reclaimed wood evokes a sense of history and authenticity, embodying sustainability by reducing the demand for new timber. Together, these materials create a visually captivating and environmentally responsible architectural composition.

Upper Floor of The Octagon
Photo: Willem Keuppens

In keeping with Stilt Studios’ ethos to “lighten the impact on earth”, the Octagon utilizes prefabricated building elements and takes a conscious approach to selecting responsibly- sourced materials, using as many wooden materials as possible for carbon storage. On top of optimizing the process and reducing waste through prefabrication, Stilt Studios saves time and minimizes the carbon footprint in the construction process.

The Octagon challenges conventional notions of design, beckoning us to embrace a future where sustainable living and architectural ingenuity intertwine.


Photo: Willem Keuppens

Prayoga Arya

Lead Architectural Designer at Stilt Studios

Photographer: / Willem Keuppens

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