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Tiny Eco House

To live eco, what does Tiny Eco House mean? To explain this simply it means that through the way you live you protect planet earth, support other species and ensure a future for mankind. This is something that has been more and more important, the need to change the way we live to ensure a future for this world.

In the following part, we will help you understand what a tiny house is, what it can do in regards to eco friendly living, reducing your carbon footprint, and much more by just living in a small space.

You live in the city, full of pollution, traffic, and always busy people around you no matter where you are. You have noticed that this is no way to live sustainably, that this way will guarantee a future. What now? What do you do in such a position? There are tons of possibilities to explore, move away from all that noise, find peace and quiet, and find a new home that fits your life. How do you let this inspiration not go to waste and actually make a difference regarding the treatment of the environment?

First of we are happy to see that people are interested in changing their lives for a better future. We will not tell you to just buy one of our houses, but we would like to inform you about them and the strengths they carry. They are not just nice architectures, but actually tiny homes with a lot of features equipped that can bring change.

What has the tiny house movement to offer

Living eco friendly is not the easiest of tasks, even if you want to do it. You have this big house that requires a lot to keep warm or to keep cold (when the house is vested in a warm climate).

Energy costs

The people who live in a tiny house do not have these heating and cooling costs as their house is so much smaller than through good insulation, these costs become irrelevant. Good insulation is vital for cutting heating and cooling costs down, but it is not very cheap to do and definitively not in for a normal house. With a tiny house, the opportunity to achieve a good level of insulation is easier and affordable.

Less waste

Through well-thought-out designs we can use all the space in the most optimized way, however, tiny houses are more petite. Therefore there is no room for things that are not necessary, or not needed. This results in less waste and a more sustainable way of life.

Materials used

It is not a huge building, no tons of sky-high walls and ceilings, no 14 chairs for a maximum of 4 people, and no huge tables or kitchen counters that are unnecessary. It has everything a person would need with a fourth maybe even less of the material use than a normal-sized home. The choice of materials can also be different as it will not have to be a structure to hold 3 stories, the materials that are maybe a bit weaker but much more environmentally friendly can be used for the tiny house.


So can a tiny house become more sustainable than it already is? Yes, we at Stilt Studios have created multiple features that can be included in the construction of the tiny house. As we found that off-grid living possibilities needed to be included to give the customer the most for our eco friendly tiny houses.

The different features

We currently have a few features that can be added to the home. We wanted that the tiny house could support a self-sustaining lifestyle. Therefore we have the following features.

  • Rainwater collection system

  • Solar panels

  • Battery

  • Composting toilet / composting toilets

  • Water tank

  • Septic tank

We want that the tiny houses can be run on renewable energy, therefore we found a way to add solar panels without decreasing the comfortability of the tiny home. As of now, these are the features that we currently offer, but as the tiny house is still being further developed other options are likely to come available in the future.

What more the tiny house offers

To save energy it is important to make use of the given tools we already have. With this in mind, we developed a tiny house where natural light will be enough to light the home during the day so that there will be no energy waste on lamps while it is daytime.

Our eco friendly tiny house itself

How is our tiny house structured and what is it made of? To give you a better idea we will explain what materials we use and for what purpose. This way you understand what is behind our house and that it is more than advertising when we say eco friendly tiny house.


Original article by Stilt studios.