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Tiny House Interior

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Fully Configurable Tiny House Interior

Our modern tiny house is created with sustainability and environmental consciousness in mind. The Tiny House is built on our one-of-a-kind modular frame. The entire unit is fully insulated to provide an energy-efficient and comfortable living area all year.

The façade is finished with certified timber cladding, while the interior is furnished with environmentally friendly materials throughout. Even our smallest module has a modest living area, a sleeping quarter with lots of natural light, and a fully kitted bathroom covered with recycled plastic walls. This tiny house is ideal for those who want to live responsibly while treading lightly on Earth.

sleek look of Tiny home design

Tiny House Interior - Optimizing Limited Space

The important Role of Interior Design in Tiny Houses

In a Tiny House, a living concept based on minimalist living in very small spaces, interior design plays a crucial role. Due to the limited space, it is of great importance to efficiently utilize every square inch to create a comfortable and functional home with spacious living space.
tiny house interior design style with natural light and bright ceiling hue

Challenges of Space and Storage Organization in Tiny House

The challenge in designing the Tiny Home interior lies in optimizing the limited space without neglecting comfort and functionality. Every element of the interior design must be carefully selected to make the most of the available space.
tiny house interior design for tiny living concept
The organization of storage space is of central importance. Creative solutions such as multifunctional furniture, built-in shelves, and intelligent storage systems are essential to maximize the limited space. Each area must be thoughtfully designed to avoid waste of space while providing enough storage for personal items.
tiny home with modern storage space

Flexible Designs for Individual Needs in a Tiny Home

In the interior design of Tiny Houses, it is also important to consider the individual needs and lifestyle of the residents. Depending on whether the Tiny Home is used as an office or an additional bedroom, the arrangement varies. A flexible design allows adjusting and utilizing the space according to the needs.

The selection of furniture and furnishings should aim to ensure both functionality and aesthetics. Space-saving designs are particularly suitable for optimizing the limited space. At the same time, the interior should reflect the personal style and needs of the residents.

tiny house interior design for dream living room with natural light

In a Tiny House, creativity is required in interior design to create a cozy home in the smallest space. Through the conscious selection of furniture, colors, and decorative elements, a comfortable and functional environment can be created even in a tiny space. A well-thought-out Tiny House interior allows residents to enjoy a high quality of life in a small space.

What we consider crucial for our prefabricated Tiny Homes is that they offer as much style and comfort as any other house. To achieve this, we have tried various approaches and discovered what works best for the home. Through the optimization and innovation of the design, we can create a sustainable home with comfort for you. The use of materials gives the house the essence of a Tiny Home. Another advantage of our design is the possibility of customization according to your preference.

living room big windows with sliding barn doors with natural light

Tiny House Materials

The materials are something that we carefully have picked as we wanted them to align with what we stand for and what we want to deliver. “To lighten the impact on earth” this is something that we engrave in all the things that we do. Therefore we try to find the best materials that supports our way in this regard. 

One of the qualities of a tiny house is the option of reducing waste, energy and all kinds of hurtful factors to the environment. To support this way of living, we make use of the right materials for the environment as well as for the customer. Singaiwatch provides us with plastic waste that they get from cleaning out polluted rivers in Indonesia. With these we designed and made a high quality plastic with a unique design. This way our tiny house do not add to the problem but become part of the solution. 

The tone of the tiny home can be set by the customer as the colour of the plastic can be changed to something that aligns with the clients view and wishes. This material will be mostly used for the bathroom as it is a great waterproof material while it brings a certain level of sophistication with a lot of detail.

luxury shower with sleek look recycled plastic walls

For the structural strength, durability and the capabilities of weather resistance the hardwood bengkirai with all the right certificates. This material is used for the outside as it’s features flourish in a nature environment. The quality of the home is ensured through this choice of material, used as a wall the bengkirai will develop beautifully through out all the hardships the weather brings with it.

We use teakwood for the interior finishes and for the furniture, this hardwood is very durable but can also be grown on a plantation as it has a short grow span compared to other hardwoods. This wood takes around 30 years to grow and what makes it different from other hardwoods is the strength after 30 years. It is normal that the wood can be used after 30 years of growth but due to the oils and other variables are the teakwood trees from Indonesia way better in quality after 30 years.

The uniqueness of the teakwood is due to the fact that it has a short growth time in comparison to other teakwood while it still contains a lot of natural teak oils which makes it strong and resistant while being easy to grow.

Tiny house material for walls, ceiling and floor

We also use materials that we have easy access to as we are currently located in Indonesia – Bali, with these materials we have the capacity to make tiny homes that strive to become as sustainable as they can be. With recycled plastic and teakwood furniture it is a home that is lightens the impact on earth while still providing class and comfort for you.

These materials combined bring simplicity and luxury hand to hand, as the tiny house is understated but sophisticated.

Sustainable Tiny House

Living eco friendly is not the easiest of tasks, even if you want to do it. You have this big house that requires a lot to keep warm or to keep cold (when the house is vested in a warm climate).

Energy Cost

The people who live in a tiny house do not have these heating and cooling costs as their house is so much smaller than through good insulation, these costs become irrelevant. Good insulation is vital for cutting heating and cooling costs down, but it is not very cheap to do and definitively not in for a normal house. With a tiny house, the opportunity to achieve a good level of insulation is easier and affordable.

Less Waste

Through well-thought-out designs we can use all the in the most optimized way, however, tiny houses are more petite. Therefore there is no room for things that are not necessary, or not needed. This results in less waste and a more sustainable way of life.

Tiny House Layout

Every home is unique, all interior features of the tiny house can be customized to meet your specific requirements. To make the most of the limited space and create a perfect tiny life, the interior is designed with modularity in mind. We extensively test a wide range of setups and potential use cases to ensure that everything is thoughtfully designed so that functionality and aesthetics complement each other.
open floor plan drawn of tiny home with bed area, terrace, bathroom, kithcenette

Tiny House Bedroom

The bedroom is a standout feature of the Tiny Home interior design. We seek to create a relaxing and pleasant environment. Inspired by Japanese living, we incorporate a variety of features in a small, thoughtful manner. The entire area has been elevated with additional continuous floor storage, eliminating clutter and providing an unobstructed view of the panoramic window.
design style of a bedroom for tiny living

Tiny House Living Space

The living space of the Tiny House blurs the lines between working and dining. Making efficient use of the compact space provided, trifold doors are installed to allow the living space to extend out into the terrace at the entrance, where guests could lounge outdoors and take in the landscape.
living room filled with couch, plants and kitchen with calming atmosphere

Tiny House Bathroom

We make every effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Our tiny bathroom design, which makes conscious use of recycled plastic material, is ideal for those who want to live fully while remaining environmentally responsible. Our design is compatible to be fully off-grid by adding in features such as a composting toilet, greywater system, rainwater harvesting, and a shower with a low-flow showerhead.
bathroom with intentional design and sustainable walls made of recycled plastic

Tiny House Kitchen

Our modular Tiny House kitchenettes are fully configurable to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a space-saving solution or a more traditional layout, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our kitchenettes come equipped with all the necessary appliances. With our modular design, you can easily add or remove cabinets, countertops, and other features to create the perfect kitchen for your tiny house.
Modern stylish Kitchen designed for tiny house interior

Our Tiny House

Our Tiny House series is based on a 3×3 metre basic building block with standardisation of all floor, wall and roof parts. Within this system, you can choose different sizes, shapes or even façade or window elements when buying a Tiny House. However, it is not possible to customise or change the basic building blocks, as our production is standardised to these and this is the only way to guarantee a very good price-performance ratio.

What makes our tiny houses different from others is that most of them are on wheels as they are made with a concept of a trailer in mind. Our tiny homes are standing on stilts, meaning that it is not made to freely move around with, this gives us the opportunity to create a home with other dimensions as it does not have to follow the standard width rules of what a car can tow behind him. 

The square footage might not differ but the spacious feeling of a home is, due the the other sizes the home becomes more warm, comfort and sophisticated as it will take away the cramped feeling when the living area is a small space.

Tiny House Tower

The first in our line of Tiny House Towers, the 6 x 6 tower model allows you to create the spaces to accommodate everything for your private or commercial needs. It has 2 storeys or a total of 110 sqm building size. Inquire now.
Tiny house tower - 2 storeys tiny home for cozy tiny living

Tiny House Cabin

The Tiny House Cabin incorporates one to three modules, sized at 3 meters by 3 meters, and are fully optimized in every aspect to deliver the best living experience in the tiny home genre.The models that we offer are the 3 by 3, the 3 by 6, 6 by 6 L, and the 3 by 9-meter tiny homes.
tiny house stilted above the ground

Tiny House Studio

With its more spacious design, the Tiny House Studio is an upgrade from our line of smaller tiny houses. By increasing the minimum width of the tiny house, we are able to add different programs and create larger, more comfortable spaces.
beachside Tiny house studio for tiny living with nature

Tiny House Family

Optimized for small families, the Family Tiny House line starts at the dimensions of 6 x 9 meters. Perfectly-designed to house the basic programs needed for a minimalistic family life, this model is available for purchase.

tiny house family for family living with tranquil atmosphere


There are a lot of possibilities in our houses and a lot can be done, to say beforehand everything that can be made custom is going to take a long time.

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