Tiny House Interior

Tiny House Interior

Fully configurable Tiny House Interior

Our modern tiny house is created with sustainability and environmental consciousness in mind. The Tiny House is built on our one-of-a-kind modular frame. The entire unit is fully insulated to provide an energy-efficient and comfortable living area all year.

The façade is finished with certified timber cladding, while the interior is furnished with environmentally friendly materials throughout. Even our smallest module has a modest living area, a sleeping quarter with lots of natural light, and a fully kitted bathroom covered with recycled plastic walls. This tiny house is ideal for those who want to live responsibly while treading lightly on Earth

Tiny House Layout

Every home is unique, all interior features of the tiny house can be customized to meet your specific requirements. To make the most of the limited space, the interior is designed with modularity in mind. We extensively test a wide range of setups and potential use cases to ensure that everything is thoughtfully designed so that functionality and aesthetics complement each other.

Tiny House Bedroom

The bedroom is a standout feature of the Tiny House interior design. We seek to create a relaxing and pleasant environment. Inspired by Japanese living, we incorporate a variety of features in a small, thoughtful manner. The entire area has been elevated with additional continuous floor storage, eliminating clutter and providing an unobstructed view of the panoramic window.

Tiny House Living Space

The living space of the Tiny House blurs the lines between working and dining. Making efficient use of the compact space provided, trifold doors are installed to allow the living space to extend out into the terrace at the entrance, where guests could lounge outdoors and take in the landscape.

Tiny House Bathroom

We make every effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Our tiny bathroom design, which makes conscious use of recycled plastic material, is ideal for those who want to live fully while remaining environmentally responsible. Our design is compatible to be fully off-grid by adding in features such as a composting toilet, greywater system, rainwater harvesting, and a shower with a low-flow showerhead.

Tiny House Kitchen

Our modular Tiny House kitchenettes are fully configurable to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a space-saving solution or a more traditional layout, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our kitchenettes come equipped with all the necessary appliances. With our modular design, you can easily add or remove cabinets, countertops, and other features to create the perfect kitchen for your tiny house.


  • Does my Tiny House purchase include regulation preparation?

No, that is in the hands of the buyer, because there are different regulations to be observed depending on the application and area. Nevertheless, our team has some experience in the field and is happy to help with any questions. Whether a tiny house is subject to approval or what kind of building permit is required depending on the type of use and development plan. 

For example, a tiny house used as a home office, which meets the regulations of a garden house and is not used as a residential property, does not require a building permit.


  • How long does it take to assemble one 3X6 Tiny House?

Assembling on site is quick and takes a few days, depending on how many workers are available. However, building the Tiny House in the factory and delivering it can take much longer.


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