Tiny House Sale

Tiny House Sale

The Tiny House sale process requires 3 simple steps

  1. Select your desired size, model, and quantity
  2. We produce your Tiny Houses, while you prepare the site
  3. Delivery and on-site installation

Tiny House sale form

Please fill out the Tiny House sale form for us to understand your requirements and location. We will then contact you for further clarifications. 

Do also note that there might be regulatory requirements to consider for your location. Additionally, you will need to prepare the pads the Tiny House will stand on – we have detailed instructions for this and can also help you if required.

Tiny House Production

Stilt Studios will start producing your Tiny Houses for sale, while you prepare the site and if required clear all regulatory requirements – depending on your location we might be able to help you with that.

The Tiny House interior is also designed and built entirely by us. We firmly believe that the less interior space there is, the more important it is to have a smart, well-thought-out, but also beautiful and homely design. We then build this by hand in our own production. Here, too, you have the choice of different variants when buying a tiny house based on your preferred use.

Tiny House Interior

Our Tiny House series is based on a 3×3 meter basic module with standardization of all floor, wall, and roof parts. Within this system, you can choose different sizes, shapes, facades, or window elements when buying a tiny house. 

However, no individualizations or changes to the basic building blocks are possible, since our production is standardized on these, and only in this way can a very good price-performance ratio be guaranteed.

Tiny House Shipment

Upon the agreed completion date we will ship your Tiny House to your location, including a team of specialists from our side for the setup. We usually work with local contractors to help with the setup, depending on how many Tiny Houses you bought.

The setup itself requires a couple of days only, depending on the number of Tiny Houses you ordered and the size of the local contractor team. Please be aware that delivery times may vary.


The Tiny House can accommodate any function, whether it’s for a hospitality unit, commercial space, retail space, or for your own personal living space.

The non-permanent nature allows it to be set up in almost any location, regardless of its terrain and climate, and be disassembled after, if required.

Delivery and set up

The Tiny Houses are factory-produced, delivered almost completely as flat-packed modular components that can be quickly assembled on site within days.

On-site assembly in remote locations is possible, as long as delivery can be done. Assembly will require at least 3 construction workers, accompanied by our specialist.

Treading Lightly on Earth

Staying true to our mission to reduce our environmental impact, the Tiny House uses sustainably-sourced materials, including reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

The structure is built on stilts, therefore, removing the need for a foundation and minimizing the building footprint. The Tiny House also features a highly-efficient, well-insulated building envelope.

Off-Grid Energy-saving options

You can choose any model to be completely off-the-grid and self-sufficient by adding energy-saving options, including solar panels, batteries, water tank, septic tank, rainwater catchment, and compostable toilets.

We are pre-booked until the beginning of 2023

Please note that for now, we haven’t opened the Tiny House sale process yet! We are pre-booked with orders until the beginning of 2023. If you are interested in one, please fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as we have an update on our capacity planning.


  • Does my Tiny House purchase include regulation preparation?

No, that is in the hands of the buyer, because there are different regulations to be observed depending on the application and area. Nevertheless, our team has some experience in the field and is happy to help with any questions. Whether a tiny house is subject to approval or what kind of building permit is required depending on the type of use and development plan. 

For example, a tiny house used as a home office, which meets the regulations of a garden house and is not used as a residential property, does not require a building permit.


  • How long does it take to assemble one 3X6 Tiny House?

Assembling on site is quick and takes a few days, depending on how many workers are available. However, building the Tiny House in the factory and delivering it can take much longer.


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