Stilt Studios Development

Tiny House Sale


Stilt Studios will start producing your Tiny Houses for sale, while you prepare the site and if required clear all regulatory requirements – depending on your location we might be able to help you with that.
The Tiny House interior is also designed and built entirely by us. We firmly believe that the less interior space there is, the more important it is to have a smart, well-thought-out, but also beautiful and homely design. We then build this by hand in our own production. Here, too, you have the choice of different variants when buying a tiny house based on your preferred use.

Our Tiny House series is based on a 3×3 meter basic module with standardization of all floor, wall, and roof parts. Within this system, you can choose different sizes, shapes, facades, or window elements when buying a tiny house.

However, no individualization or changes to the basic building blocks are possible, since our production is standardized on these, and only in this way can a very good price-performance ratio be guaranteed.

Upon the agreed completion date we will ship your Tiny House to your location, including a team of specialists from our side for the setup. We usually work with local contractors to help with the setup, depending on how many Tiny Houses you bought.

The setup itself requires a couple of days only, depending on the number of Tiny Houses you ordered and the size of the local contractor team. Please be aware that delivery times may vary.


Original article by Stilt studios.