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Tiny House Sale

What to consider when buying a Tiny House?

  1. Ease of Transportation

  2. Settlement and Location

  3. Off-grid option

  4. Size and Layout

  5. Modular prefab system

  6. Heating and Cooling

  7. Residential, Hospitality, or Personal Use

Making these considerations will guide you towards finding a tiny house that not only meets your practical needs but also aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations.


Our Tiny House models are based on a 3×3 meter basic building block with standardization of all floor, wall and roof parts. Within this system, you can choose different sizes and shapes by adding more 3×3 elements when buying a Tiny House. However, it is limited to customise or change the basic building blocks, as our production is standardized to these and this is the only way to guarantee a very good price-performance ratio.
different pictures showing our system

The search for the right tiny house is not easy. What makes our tiny houses different from others is that most of them are on wheels as they are made with a concept of a trailer in mind. Our tiny houses are standing on stilts, meaning that it is not made to freely move around with, this gives us the opportunity to create a home with other dimensions as it does not have to follow the standard width rules of what a car can tow behind him. 

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elevated tiny house


With the 3×3 system we can build 1- and 2-storey buildings. The first 2-storey in our line is tiny house Towers. This 6×6 tower model allows you to create the spaces to accommodate everything for your private or commercial needs. It has a total of 110 sqm building size.

Tiny home for sale - 2 storeys tiny home for cozy tiny living
inside tiny house tower
tiny houses furnished with love


The Tiny House Cabin incorporates one to three modules, sized at 3 meters by 6 meters, and are fully optimized in every aspect to deliver the best living experience in the tiny home genre.

It is perfect for an additional office and hospitality purpose.

The models that we offer are the 3×3, the 3×6, 6×6 L, and the 3×9-meter tiny homes.

Tiny House Cabin 3x3

Tiny House Cabin 3 by 3

Tiny House Cabin 3x6

tiny house that we sell - explore minimalist life

Tiny House Cabin 6x6L

6 by 6L

Tiny House Cabin 3x9

3 by 9


Optimized for small families, the Family Tiny House line starts at the dimensions of 6×9 meters. Perfectly-designed to house the basic programs needed for a minimalistic family life, this model is available for purchase.

tiny home built for family living with tranquil atmosphere - perfect for good sleeps
Tiny House Family Sketch


With its more spacious design, the Tiny House Studio is an upgrade from our line of smaller tiny houses. By increasing the minimum width of the tiny house, we are able to add different programs and create larger, more comfortable spaces.

The models that we offer are 6×6 and the 6x9L tiny homes.

Tiny House Studio 6x6

tiny homes for sale - all in great shape, making them a more economical and sustainable option
Tiny House Studio 6 by 6 interior plan

Tiny House Studio 6x6

beachside Tiny house studio for tiny living with nature
Tiny House Studio 6 by 9L Interior Plan


There are a lot of possibilities in our houses and a lot can be done, to say beforehand everything that can be made custom is going to take a long time.
Tiny House Plan


We would like to inform you about the production of our Tiny Houses. You have probably come across the term “prefab”, which stands for prefabricated. This means that we manufacture the houses in advance and can disassemble them into individual

parts so that they can be easily reassembled at another location. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that we can easily ship our high-quality houses to any location that a container can reach.

Another reason is that Tiny Houses offer the opportunity to ensure the same quality anywhere in the world, as our skilled craftsmen can produce each one precisely. Our focus on reducing the ecological footprint; through this prefabricated construction method, we minimise the waste that is normally generated. We use standard dimensions, which allows us to optimise the use of all our materials.

see how we build a tiny house



At Stilt Studios we put a large emphasis on innovative solutions and sustainability. Our prefab homes offered with negative CO2 balance for the materials used and are rigorously energy efficient, while at the same time ground closure is minimised. The Tiny house also can work with solar system.


One of our main materials used is high quality, certified wood, acting as carbon storage, as well as upcycled plastic in the bathrooms, while the use of steel is limited as much as possible. All the prefab houses are floating ~50cm off the ground, ensuring there is no ground closure and the use of concrete is minimized. Moreover walls, roof, and floor are insulated to ensure the highest energy efficiency possible and a low cooling effort required.
Tiny House Materials for facade, floor and ceiling


The prefabricated homes ensure a superb living experience for the residents with an indoor, outdoor fitting to the tropical environment, optimizing for a homey feel in nature. The modern, minimalist design of the manufactured homes is timeless and functionality oriented, while creating a real home for its residents, with two stories unique spaces and excellent views on the upper one.
Tiny House with bonfire in the middle of nature


If you are interested in our tiny houses please get in contact with us here.

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