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What is a Stilt House?

There’s more to sustainable housing than adding solar panels to the roof and calling it a day.
Real sustainability is made up of many facets. It goes from house plans to building materials but also protecting the land where you choose to build.

Building a new home can be costly, from construction to running the house. One of the least considered factors is how construction affects the environment which has led to the increase of people looking to minimize both environmental impact and financial outlay by outfitting their homes with sustainable technology.

Stilt Studios has developed a concept for prefab stilt homes that could easily be taken apart and reassembled in a new location.


Stilt houses are houses built on elevated platforms. They can be built in a variety of locations, but are commonly found in tropical climate countries.

Stilt houses are usually constructed above water, but they may also be built on sand or dry land.
Buildings that are raised above the ground do not need any extensive foundations or excavations.

Due to the elevation of the prefab stilt homes and natural height differences, it gives each house open southerly views, trellises, and glazing to create a balance between open areas and the need for privacy.

The most common reason for building a stilt house is for protection from flooding or vermin.
Stilt houses are considered as eco-friendly as they can be easily built without causing significant harm to the landscape.


Building Information Modelling (BIM), modern high-quality materials, and advanced manufacturing facilities these days offer substantial enhancement in productivity on projects that were not possible earlier.

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