Stilt Studios Development

Modular prefabricated tiny houses for unique, custom experiences. Flexible in size and usage, the Stilt Studios Tiny House showcases minimalist, high end design that treads lightly on Earth.


About Stilt Studio

Stilt Studios builds sophisticated modular homes. Its mission is to innovate and build sustainably, using high quality wood as our main building material.

The product line encompasses both residential buildings as well as high end hospitality units. Based out of Bali, Indonesia Stilt Studios delivers its units world wide


Modular prefab houses offer a unique and customizable solution for those seeking a high-quality, sustainable housing option.

Family Village Canggu is located in a peaceful area at Tumbak Bayuh, Northern of Canggu, only 10 mins away from central Canggu and the beach.
Join Stilt Studios, revolutionizing sustainable living. Hiring passionate individuals to shape eco-friendly housing’s future.