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Tiny Homes

What is the foundation of tiny homes and what makes it so increasingly popular. We want to guide you to the process of how a tiny house is build, how it is shipped, what financial stuff is important and what it is we can offer you. To say it short, this will be a fact check for you, to read into the tiny house movement and see what the possibilities are within Stilt Studios.

Our prefab houses

prefab tiny homes

First of all we would like to inform you about the making of our tiny houses. You probably come across the term “prefab” which means prefabricated. This is because we make the houses beforehand with the ability to take it in pieces apart and putting it somewhere else without any hassle back together. This has multiple reason, one being which we can easily ship our quality homes to every place where a container can go. 

Another one being that tiny homes create the opportunity to ensure the same quality all over the world as our skilled craftsman can create every single. One is also our focus of lighting the impact on earth, through this prefab build we reduce waste that is normally there. We use standard measures which allows us to fully optimize all of our material use.

echo friendly tiny house


The materials are something that we carefully have picked as we wanted them to align with what we stand for and what we want to deliver. “To lighten the impact on earth” this is something that we engrave in all the things that we do. Therefore we try to find the best materials that supports our way in this regard. 

We use teakwood for the interior finishes and for the furniture, this hardwood is very durable but can also be grown on a plantation as it has a short grow span compared to other hardwoods. This wood takes around 30 years to grow and what makes it different from other hardwoods is the strength after 30 years. It is normal that the wood can be used after 30 years of growth but due to the oils and other variables are the teakwood trees from Indonesia way better in quality after 30 years.

We also make use of recycled plastic found in the rivers in Bali, Indonesia. With these we create a beautiful walls that bring a sophisticated look to a bathroom while being sustainable.


What we find vital for our prefab tiny homes is that they still hold as much style and comfort as any other house. To achieve this we tried multiple things and found what suits best for the house, through the optimization and innovation of the design we can deliver a home, build sustainable and with comfort for you. The use of the materials will make the house feel like a tiny home. What is also a advantage of our design is the ability to make customizations.

The opportunities within a Stilt Studios Tiny HomeS

How can you have a beautiful tiny homes that suits your way of life? There are so many different tastes if we talk about the style or size of a house. To clear up any questions or uncertainties around us or our product we wanted to make clear what we can mean for you.

tiny house model


The word “downsizing” or “minimalist living” is often used when describing the way of life in tiny homes. We have made a tiny homes that have a decent living space without the often pairing of having a sleeping loft.

Our design is based on a simple base measurement of 3 by 3 meters, being that the smallest home that we build is, as of now, 3 by 6 meters (around 200 square feet). With this layout we can easily add rooms to a house due to the prefab building model that we use for the tiny homes. With this we have the ability to add rooms to your tiny house if that is something that you would like/prefer. If you need extra space for a laundry room, a bedroom, a bathroom or just for storage space, then this can be easily done.

Function of the tiny homes

Maybe you like the house but don’t want tot use it to live in. This is also something that we could assist you in as we also have the ability to make adjustments to the house. This mean that we can for example change the house to fit the function of a vacation home or an office space, you are free to tell use how you want to use the space and we can do our best so that it would perfectly fit your wishes.


There are a lot of possibilities in our houses and a lot can be done, to say beforehand everything that can be made custom is going to take a long time. If your wondering if it is possible to have tempered glass doors, a custom sink

Stilt Studios and our tiny homes

To give you some extra explanation about who we are, what our experience is and what our tiny house makes different from the other ones.

Who are we

We have been designing and building houses on stilts for over 3 years now. We have multiple designs going from tree house “A” till “E”, currently also building a resorts with 32 of our houses their. In unique design and optimizing space we have developed a definitive amount of knowledge what we used to create the tiny houses.

Our tiny homes

What makes our tiny houses different from others is that most of them are on wheels as they are made with a concept of a trailer in mind. Our tiny homes are standing on stilts, meaning that it is not made to freely move around with, this gives us the opportunity to create a home with other dimensions as it does not have to follow the standard width rules of what a car can tow behind him. 

The square footage might not differ but the spacious feeling of a home is, due the the other sizes the home becomes more warm, comfort and sophisticated as it will take away the cramped feeling when the living area is a small space.

We also use materials that we have easy access to as we are currently located in Indonesia – Bali, with these materials we have the capacity to make tiny homes that strive to become as sustainable as they can be. With recycled plastic and teakwood furniture it is a home that is lightens the impact on earth while still providing class and comfort for you.

How to buy a tiny homes

If you are interested in our tiny homes and would like more information you can go to our buy page. Here you can find better information of how the process go’s for buying a tiny home, what is good to keep in mind and how to buy one from us. If you want your own tiny home or more information then click here to learn more!

Frequently asked questions

To already be of help we wanted to include some questions that have been asked the most time, this way we hope to already be of assistance. If not then feel free to contact us so that we can come back to you and give you the answers you are looking for. To get in contact click here!

Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house?

As tiny houses are almost most of the time built for you there is no real difference between building or buying. If you are building one yourself that can be different, but what is often underestimated is the complexity that is paired with building a tiny house. With this factor in mind, there are often faults within the building process and those are the ones that cost a lot of extra money. In the end, there will be a small difference in price but we recommend buying as this comes with guaranteed quality and design that is optimized for minimalist living.

How much is the price of the smallest tiny house and when do I have to pay?

As the price can varies due to all the different options we can not give you a estimated guess on the price, to get to know more about the price or there is need for down payments when buying please get in contact with us by clicking here!

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