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Own a Villa in Bali

Blog Treehouse in Bali HOW TO OWN A VILLA IN BALI? Bali is not only an incredibly beautiful and culturally rich island, but it’s also a trendy place for real estate investment. To own a villa in Bali is popular for both people looking for a vacation home, as for investment. Additionally, there is a […]

Treehouse in Bali

Blog Treehouse in Bali Imagine waking up in the middle of the trees, feeling the breeze, hearing the sounds of the birds while having a unique view. It could be rice fields, forests, lakes, or even the beach. This dream can come true in a treehouse on the beautiful island of Bali. WHAT IS A […]

What is a Stilt House?

Blog What is a Stilt House There’s more to sustainable housing than adding solar panels to the roof and calling it a day.Real sustainability is made up of many facets. It goes from house plans to building materials but also protecting the land where you choose to build. Building a new home can be costly, […]

Tourism & Bali

Blog News & Media Tourism & Bali Tourism in Bali has for sure been exploding over the past few years. When you look at some numbers, you clearly see that Bali has become one of the world’s best tourist destinations. In 2008, the number of foreign tourist arrivals was around 2 million, and in 2019 […]