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Buy a Tiny House

tiny house

Table of Contents Starting a minimalistic way of living is something that is happening more frequently and what goes hand in hand with this lifestyle is a tiny house. People are increasingly thinking about the thought of downsizing to a tiny house, while there is also a lot of doubt surrounding the overwhelming feeling of […]

Residential 2-Storey Modular Homes

Residential 2-Storey Modular Home, A superb 2-storey unit, sustainable living experience on tropical indoor and outdoor living based on our intelligent modular prefab system. Inquire Now A Modern Living Experience The minimalist and timeless design focuses on superb tropical indoor, and outdoor living in a community surrounded by nature Sustainable Living Minimal ground closure thanks […]

Tiny Homes

tiny homes

What is the foundation of tiny homes and what makes it so increasingly popular. We want to guide you to the process of how a tiny house is build, how it is shipped, what financial stuff is important and what it is we can offer you. To say it short, this will be a fact […]

Luxury Tiny House

tiny eco house

why luxury tiny house ? Why does a tiny house need to be less comfortable or without elegance and class? To start a way of minimalistic living is not the easiest of tasks especially if it involves your home. Through innovation and building upon the past knowledge the tiny houses are designed for a luxurious […]

Tiny Eco House

tiny eco house

To live eco, what does Tiny Eco House mean? To explain this simply it means that through the way you live you protect planet earth, support other species and ensure a future for mankind. This is something that has been more and more important, the need to change the way we live to ensure a […]


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Blog Sustainability “Stilt Studios mission is to build innovative structures that improve its inhabitants experience, while treating lightly on Earth. “ Sustainability no ground closure Low ground impact by building stilted Building without ground closure provides environmental advantages by minimizing disruption to ecosystems, reducing soil compaction and erosion, preserving natural drainage patterns, and allowing for […]

Build or Invest

Blog Treehouse in Bali STILT STUDIOS INQUIRIES Let us know what you need and help us understand your project better. Buy a Building – Get one of all models of Stilt Studios Invest in Our Project – Be a part of development projects by Stilt Studios Get our Plans – Purchase our design and build […]

Why Is It Worth Going To Lombok?

Blog Treehouse in Bali While you are visiting Bali, you should definitely consider going to Lombok. The island is only a 20minutes flight from Bali and definitely deserves to be experienced. Whether you are a traveler looking for a deeper dive into the culture, a couple searching for a romantic getaway, someone who desires some […]

Buying Property in Bali

Blog Treehouse in Bali Buying a property in Bali is very popular, but it is not an easy process. In this article, we will tell you everything we know about how to buy and own a property in Bali. Firstly, it is always best to go through a broker of your trust. Make sure you […]